Jessica Gayta, PharmD

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Efficacious Pain Management without Opioids! Attain Successful Outcomes and High Patient Satisfaction

  • Jessica Gayta, PharmD, BioMed Specialty Pharmacy

The 7-day opioid supply limitation, coupled with the current inability to obtain a prior authorization for a number of Rx pain medications, requires every Physician Assistant to fully rethink pain management. This session demonstrates how unique, topical Rx pain medications and innovative adjunctive treatments provide efficacious, safe pain management with excellent outcomes and high patient satisfaction. You will learn how to significantly reduce the incidence of addiction and avoid the adverse side effects associated with opioids such as GI bleed, renal and liver damage. You’ll also receive timely information regarding medications and treatments with insurance coverage

  • Date:Thursday, October 4
  • Time:9:45 AM - 9:45 AM
  • Session Type:Classroom